Date Night February

January is for resolutions…or broken resolutions. By the time February comes along, I am in need of a stiff drink and a date night or two. Fortunately, Valentine’s Day helps my husband and I focus on us a little bit more than usual. This year I was able to sew up my outfits for our more frequent February Date Nights.  I am back again today as a part of Sewing by Ti Blog Tours to bring you another Date Night outfit.


Recently I have spent a lot of time working on dresses, but honestly I prefer tops and jeans most of the time.  And…I have a huge pattern buying problem.  I buy a lot of patterns when they release (we all get caught up in the hype sometimes!), and then I never get around to sewing them up.  Since I tackled the Megan from Made for Mermaids earlier this month, I decided to sew up the Swagger Sweater from George & Ginger.  This fun top pattern caught my eye at the release, but I could never find the right fabric.  But when this liverpool from Pretty Posh Prints came in, I knew it would make a beautiful Swagger!


I love a pattern with good coverage.  This pattern covers my backside but draws some interest to the area as well.  The top consists of essentially two circles skirts attached to the bodice.  The seam hits lower than my natural waist, but it still hits at a flattering level that accentuates my smaller waist.


I managed to make a size L (14) in G&G with just 2 yards of fabric!  I usually try to stick with patterns that I can make my size out of 2 yards since I typically order only 2 yards of a fabric at a time to keep my costs down.


The top takes a lot of hemming, but with liverpool I find hemming to be a lot easier since it does not curl.  Also, the curve is gradual which makes hemming easier  as well. I parked my ironing board in view of the TV and tackled the hem. I hemmed using a twin needle on my sewing machine since my coverstitch machine has been sitting in the “save for later” section of our Amazon account since before Christmas.



I love the Swagger in this floral.  I am not the girliest of women, but I thought the floral would be a nice pair to the momma ruffles.  It makes me feel perfectly womanly.  My husband expressed how much he loved this top on me, too!  Hubby approved is a victory in my household!



I have some bunching in the underarm region, but I should add some length to the armscye before cutting next time.  I am long through the torso, especially from my natural waist and up.  I find that when I work with liverpool, ponte de Roma, or scuba with minimal vertical stretch I should really add length to the armscye to account for the lack of vertical stretch.  With a good 4 way stretch kit, I can get away with most patterns normal shoulder seam to underarm seam without adjusting.


In the tutorial, all hemming was completed prior to the final construction of the top.  This meant I had to be extremely careful with matching the bottom seams while serging. I hate saving the hemming until the last step; therefore, method worked well for me.



Overall, the Swagger Sweater from Kristi at George & Ginger is the perfect dressy top addition to my wardrobe.  The pattern has some ease to hide my midsection and the double circle skirt allowed for enough room for my hips without grading out!  I would love to find a coordinating ponte or scuba in one of the blue or purple hues to be able to pair this with a pencil skirt.  A few of the testers for the pattern used pencil skirts for their tester photos, and I loved it!  Kristi’s patterns add a little spice to my date night wardrobe.  I have already fallen in love with the Drama Dress and have a few of Kristi’s other patterns.  Maybe I will sew up a Traverse Tee for my next date night!

Now, it’s time for a giveaway!  Enter the rafflecopter below to win a free single pattern from G&G (up to a $10 value, no collections or bundles).  If you haven’t tried George & Ginger, now is the perfect time!  Entries will be accepted until the end of the month when a random winner will be chosen!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Until next time….sewing and sippin’,

Stacey Ross

51 thoughts on “Date Night February

  1. blenderreligions says:

    Very cute! Could the torso be lengthened so the ruffles are a little lower? And does this come with a babysitter for date night? Ha ha.


    • margaritaontheross says:

      Now that would be a great contest! Winner gets a babysitter!
      As far as the length, I did lengthen for my height. I’m not sure how the ruffles would sit if it was any lower. It may end up a little too Cinderalla’s evil stepsisters if it was much lower and if you have some curves in the backside.


  2. Claire says:

    This is such a cute shirt! Super flattering and I love that it fits in 2 yards! Id love to make this out of a RS for summer! Also, get a kids version?? Does that exsist?


  3. Brianne Haupert says:

    This is beautiful! I don’t own any G&G patterns yet, but I love her work and am looking forward to trying one of her’s! I think this top would be a great start! I am a jean and shirt kinda girl also


  4. Maggie says:

    Lovely !!!!
    I really need to make myself one.
    I’ve been eyeing the girl’s drama dress for my daughter since the release. I have the ladies. I’m thinking cute mommy and me dresses lol.
    The new one they’ve been previewing looks great too !!!


  5. Ilyn says:

    It looks nice on you, love it! I have tons of G&G patterns but I left this one out, I feel like the ruffles is a bit too much for me lol maybe it’s time to try it out to see! Thank you for the chance!


  6. Tracy says:

    Such a cute top! I’m not a ruffle gal, so if I won, I think I’d try the Sweet Pleat or the Capsule Tunic. Glad to have found your blog!


  7. Melissa says:

    Love the colors in that floral and it makes a beautiful Swagger Sweater! If I had to choose a pattern, I think I would pick the Riki Blazer or Drama Dress!


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