Made for Mermaids Mama Claire

From every day to date night. From nursing to running around town with little ones in tow. The newest release from Made for Mermaids is a do it all kind of top. I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for a dolman style top. My primary sewing time is after the kids go to bed, and a dolman is such a quick option. I know a regular sleeve is not that complicated, but a straight line for a dolman is nice in a time crunch.

This dolman style top is loaded with several options including three sleeve lengths, two bottom band widths, and the option to wear the top reversed for a subtly sexy low back option.  Here is the link to the listing (affiliate link) Mama Claire Two-Way Dolman.

For testing the Mama Claire for the M4M team, I sewed up two different looks. My first Mama Claire is a 3/4 sleeve option with a short waist band.


I chose a cotton jersey blend from Fine Fabrics in Atlanta, GA.  This look is a more casual take on the Mama Claire, perfect for every day wear.  However, turned around it makes a great going-out-with-the -girls top.

I can add a cami underneath to make this top work appropriate with the crossover in the front. I completed the look with my favorite skinny jeans (simply Vera from Kohl’s), a light weight winter coat from H&M, and a pair of ankle boots.



For my second Mama Claire, I cut into this lovely poly blend buffalo plaid from Fine Fabrics. Red buffalo plaid is everywhere this season, and I was excited to incorporate it into my wardrobe this winter.


The long sleeves go well with the more winter look of the plaid. Plus, I love the long band on this version as it covers up a little more in the back allowing me to move and bend easier.


To be honest, at first I was not completely sure about wearing the Mama Claire “backwards” with the crossover in the back. But as soon as I turned this red top in reverse, I realized I had a perfect date night top. Now we need to call up the Grandparents and head out for a kid free night!

I wore my red version to one of our family Christmas celebrations, and my sister (who has never asked me to make anything for her) fell in love. Fortunately, I had the same buffalo plaid in blue, and I, reluctantly, shared it with her. She has a 3 week old and is happy to have a new nursing-friendly top that has a little ease to disguise her postpartum belly. She will probably wear the top with a nursing cami underneath, but the Mama Claire will give her easy access since my new baby niece is quite the eater!

Overall, this pattern was easy to construct with the dolman sleeves and the banded bottom. I was able to use my serger for all the steps except hemming the sleeves, which is always a plus for me.  Once again, the M4M team has delivered yet another versatile top to add to your weekly wardrobe.

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