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Life has been crazy in the Ross household the past couple of weeks. In all of the chaos, I managed to miss a blog post yesterday. I apologize to all of you who received an email to an empty blog post!


But today I am back on my game as a part of the Sewing by Ti Ch-Ch-Changes Blog Tour for May. I have always envied the women who can take an outfit day to night and accessorize differently for two separate amazing looks. Well, I gave it my best shot, but I decided to show you how fabric choice can change a pattern and the look of an outfit. I used two different fabrics for Patterns for Pirates SOS pants (affiliate link) paired with a solid color Made for Mermaids Mama Joy (affiliate link) peplum to change my day to night look.


First up is my day look. I made these SOS pants last year out of Walmart jegging knit as a lightweight pant option. You will rarely see me in shorts so I wanted a full length jean-like option for summer. I was able to pair these with flat sandals and my Thread & Grain vintage sewing machine necklace for an easy daytime outfit. I look put together but can chase my kids around on my day off. I am actually still wearing this version this afternoon and have been so comfortable all day.


The solid royal blue liverpool from Pretty Posh Prints was the perfect stable fabric for a crisp Mama Joy peplum. As you know, I love tops with a little more coverage on the backside so the Mama Joy is a great fit for me!


The color of my purse, well backpack, doesn’t really go, but I seriously carry this thing everywhere. I purchased it back while we were living in Japan, and now I wish I would have bought one in every color. My best friend recently sent me a link on Amazon where you can get these bags from Japan. So there may be a new bag for me here in the near future….


For my evening look, I switched to my gray faux denim SOS pants. I opted for my wedge black sandals and this beautiful drop necklace to take the outfit to a more evening appropriate look. The SOS fabric was from Knitpop and is actually a scuba which gives me good support and covers up some of my lumps and bumps. It did not have much vertical stretch so the length is much shorter on this pair.


I switched out my backpack for a simple black clutch. In two minutes, I went from a sleek day look to a night out with friends.


I know a lot of people don’t like to wear liverpool in the heat, but this seems like it will work for all but the dead heat of July and August here in Tennessee.



I love the subtle high low hem of this peplum.  I already have 4 Mama Joys in my closet, but I am thinking I am going to need a solid black one, too!


Thanks for stopping by.  Be sure to check out all the other amazing women participating in the blog tour this month!

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Until next time…sewing and sipping,


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