The Rebel Choker Tee- George & Ginger Pattern Test

Since traveling the second week of August, I feel like I have lost part of my sewjo. It has been really hard to find time to sew, and it has been even harder to have the energy to put thought into my creations. Enter pattern testing. Part of the reason I love to test new patterns is to make myself sew. I know that sounds terrible, but sometimes we all need a swift kick in the behind and a deadline to get things done.

Kristi from George & Ginger fortunately has done all the thinking for me and created this on trend choker tee to add to her fashion forward collection of patterns.


The choker tee. Well, it’s everywhere. Celebrities keep popping up in these tops, a spin off from the recent choker jewelry trend that made its reappearance. Some of us would like to forget the days back in high school where we wore a bra strap as a choker necklace….wait, was that just me???? I am so glad that was before the social media days.

Back to what you all came here for. The Rebel Choker Tee is a loose fitting tee with a deep v neck and an attached choker style collar. This style is so easy to dress up or dress down based on fabric choices and styling. The recommended fabrics are knits with good drape such as rayon spandex, jersey and ITY. Double brushed poly can also be used.

My first version was a solid gray rayon spandex from Pretty Posh Prints. This top is so comfortable and lightweight.

The length is a little long on me causing the fabric to pull a bit. Plus my lower proportions are two sizes bigger in G&G compared to my chest. I did grade, but the top is designed to have less ease through the hips.

Let’s go back to the choker. The construction was easier than I thought it would be, and it’s just snug enough so it doesn’t droop. From the back, it looks like a normal collar.

Overall, I really like this top. My husband was pretty funny though. When I had him come outside to take my pictures, he said,  “what are you doing wearing a scarf?” At least there is someone out there who is less fashion aware than me! I am so thankful to the designers like Kristi who keep my wardrobe updated, otherwise I would still be rocking basic tees and jeans every day.
I have this beautiful but fun Halloween lace print that I was trying to figure out what I wanted to make with it. And then this pattern presented itself. A perfect match!

I don’t go all out on Halloween, and I am not into the risqué costumes either. So I thought this was the perfect compromise for an adult Halloween gathering. Subtle yet low cut enough to stay interesting.

This fabric will be up for retail soon at Vintage Lace along with solid color lace prints as well. This is double brushed poly, but they typically offer most of their fabrics in DBP, cotton lycra and woven.

I love the thickness and hand of this fabric. It was so easy to work with and sewed up nicely. The thicker fabric made the choker collar a little more difficult to go over my head, but fortunately the recovery allows for a perfect fitting choker.

Now I can’t wait for Halloween! This year I can save my last minute sewing for my boys’ costumes.

The Rebel Choker Tee is on sale for 25% off from now until Sunday, September 10th. Don’t forget to head over to the George & Ginger Pattern Group on Facebook to see all of the tester photos!

Until next time…..sewing and sipping,


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