The Wiggle Dress: Patterns for Pirates Pattern Test

The Wiggle Dress. It sure did lead to a lot of giggles in the testing group. This group of testers was phenomenal as far as the effort and the beauty that went into everyone’s creations. The comments were both funny and empowering. It is amazing how self conscious we all can be, but sometimes it just takes that one comment from someone to help you realize how great a well fitting piece can make you feel.

Again. The Wiggle Dress. Inspired by the classic wiggle dress, this dress is a form-fitting, body-hugging, and attention-grabbing dress up staple. My favorite design feature is the built in sway back that allows for a better fitting garment above the booty.


This dress (or technically crop or top) is designed for stable knits like ponte, liverpool or scuba. I could not stop making Wiggles during testing!!

My first version was the midi length with a kick pleat, long sleeves and high back boat neck. I made it out of a solid black liverpool from Pretty Posh Prints.

Everyone needs a classic black dress, right?

This is the boatneck neckline which is finished with elastic then turned and topstitched.

I did not make any versions with zippers, but the zipper option would add a little interest to the back of this dress.

I do have a little puckering around this neckline, but don’t worry, the elastic length for the final pattern was lengthened to eliminate the puckering.

Shapewear was a must with this dress for me.  I purchased mine from Amazon and had it in 2 days!!

I love when a pattern teaches me a new technique.  I have never made a kick pleat before with this more finished technique.  I love the outcome of the kick pleat, and it looks so professional.

To say this dress accentuates my curves would be an understatement…

This solid black dress gives me confidence that I have never had in a form fitting dress that I purchased from a store.  The built in swayback with the two separate back pieces helps make this dress fit to perfection.

Once again, I love the fit of this liverpool version, and I will definitely get a lot of use out of this during the fall and winter this year.



Next up is my short sleeve, below the knee version.  This is made with a backed crochet knit that I picked up at Fine Fabrics in Atlanta.  I have been hoarding it thinking I may make a cute pair of shorts out of it, but as soon as I saw the Wiggle I knew it would be perfect!


This dress would be perfect for church or a warm weather wedding.  Or I may make up any excuse to wear it next spring.


Like any good Southern girl, I had to pair this dress with a simple string of pearls.  My Phi Mu sisters would be proud!


This version of mine uses the low scoop back.  I love the little bit of skin showing with this dress.


So, I am a perfectionist when it comes to a lot of things.  This dress was a challenge simply because the fabric did not lay as nicely as my solid black liverpool dress.  I have gone back to the dress and taken out a small portion along the wrinkled seam on my bottom.


Even though I see minor fit corrections to be made, this style of dress is perfect for me.


Once again, I used the kick pleat construction on the back bottom hem to give this dress a finished look.




This silhouette allows for so many fabric options.  So you can make a simple and sweet version like this one, or go all out for a formal event with the floor length option.


For my third and final version on the blog today, I went a little wild.  I had a classic dress, a cute dress, and now a pleather dress.  This fabric would normally be a no go for me, but I thought why not go out on a limb and have a little fun.


This is a laser cut pleather that is thick like scuba.  I found it on clearance at JoAnn and thought it would be fun to back it with nude fabric.



I lined the body of the dress but decided to leave the sleeves unlined.


This version was a little more clingy due to the fabric type, but it still was very comfortable, especially because I lined it with double brushed poly!




And now we are on to the backside photos.  I did not attempt a kick pleat knowing that this fabric would not lend itself well to one.



The back seam definitely laid down more nicely with this fabric.


And last but not least, my photo that would make even Kim Kardashian jealous.




Again, I had a little fun with this one.  So here are a few bonus shots.




Make sure you head on over the Patterns for Pirates Facebook Group to check out the tester album to see this amazing dress on all shapes and sizes.  The pattern is on sale now through November 1st.

Until next time…sewing and sipping,


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9 thoughts on “The Wiggle Dress: Patterns for Pirates Pattern Test

  1. Melissa says:

    You mention built in sway back adjustment – I’ve scanned the instructions and cut out the pattern but haven’t seen reference to it. Tips?


    • margaritaontheross says:

      The way the pattern pieces are designed with the back not being cut on the fold allows the lower back portion to lie nicely instead of pooling. You don’t have to do anything special just grade for your measurements if you need to!


  2. Tonya says:

    Gorgeous! Each and every one! I’m so motivated to begin my Wiggle but concerned about finding the right foundation! Suggestions please!!


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