RagDoll Raglan: Patterns for Pirates Pattern Test

Dolmans and raglans. Raglans and dolmans. Two of the most popular types of shirts found in the pdf sewing world. What happens when you combine the two? The RagDoll Raglan from Patterns for Pirates. (This post contains affiliate links.)


The newest release from P4P is packed with options per usual. Half sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, and long sleeve hemmed or cuffed. Top, tunic and dress all with a curved hem. Plus a banded top version. Whew.

But wait… the best feature is an optional cut out on the back piece that will make you want to #buyallthebralettes.

I mean, how fun is this back?

My first version for testing is a 3/4 length, curved hem tunic in a camo rayon spandex. I am pretty sure I got this camo last year at Knitpop’s Labor Day sale, so it’s been sitting in my stash for a while.

I know everyone loves double brushed poly, and I do too. But rayon spandex is probably my favorite type of fabric for tops. You can’t beat the drape and feel of a nice rayon spandex. Because this rayon spandex has a lot of vertical stretch too, it did allow the bottom of the cut out to hang a little lower than if you made the top in something sturdier.

Since the curved hem is dramatic, the pattern recommends hemming prior to construction. And since the last thing I want to do when I finish a shirt is hem, this works perfectly for me!

This tunic is paired with solid black pegs. I am not usually a leggings and tunic kind of girl, but I was feeling it for this one. Seriously, this outfit is so comfortable.

The neckline is a bit wider than most of the P4P patterns., but this works so well with the slouchy fit of the top.

I like the amount of ease through the waist. It is not clingy which allows me to hide my extra Thanksgiving pounds until I can work them off!

I decided to make a second version because I have had a yard of this gold shimmer for a year with no pattern in mind. I really wanted to show off the dolman raglan sleeve with two fabrics.

I definitely see myself wearing this to a more casual holiday party.

Again the extra ease through the waist makes this tunic very forgiving.

You know I can’t get through a top pattern without raving on the booty coverage. Perfect for me!

The curved hem was surprisingly easy to do with this fabric, and I love the end result!

I get really aggravated when my seams don’t line up, but I must say the sleeve and side seam junction is on point on the this one!

I tried styling with it tucked in like Catherine from Made for Mermaids since she always rocks it out, but this is what you get when you tuck it in mid photo shoot.

This RagDoll is styled with my favorite black stretchy skinny jeans. This will be a go to this holiday season.

I have a sweater knit version that I will be making next, but this time I want to do the top with the banded bottom and cuffed long sleeves. Now to find some extra time to sew this weekend when I should be preparing for Christmas!

The RagDoll Raglan is on sale (without a code) here through December 4th.

Until next time…sewing and sipping,


5 thoughts on “RagDoll Raglan: Patterns for Pirates Pattern Test

  1. Patricia Fuller says:

    I was thinking back to when you said you were known more for your “butt” first then your sewing. I so disagree with your comment! lol I think you have a darling figure, you sure know how to make every outfit you sew look great on you. I come to your website to see what you’ve made out of the recently released patterns, the fabric you chose, the fit. Those are the things I believe you are known for first. Don’t be hard on yourself! you are beautiful, an amazing seamstress & post a lot of great information for everyone to learn from. And that’s something I love ❤


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