Mama Catherine and Mama Mya Pattern Hack

Long story short. My mom and I walked into a dressing room in Kohl’s. There hung the cutest tunic with a twisted neckline. I tried it on, and it was love. We went out to find out if it was on sale. It turns out this cute “tunic” was actually a dress from the Junior’s section. Wow. When did I become that old? My woman’s body turned a junior’s dress into a tunic. Well, I bought it anyway. It is the only RTW shirt (other than specific shirts for work) that I have bought in FOR-EV-ER.

So what was my first thought??? What pattern do I have that I can hack to make this top??? Made for Mermaids Mama Catherine (affiliate link) was the obvious starting point for me.

I shortened the yoke piece and twisted the yoke to create this fun neck line.

I also used a binding to finish the v neck portion that I cut into the Mama Catherine bodice.

Mama Catherine already has a lined yoke so that allowed for the twist without showing the backside of the fabric.

I did not want the gathering in the bodice, so I mashed the Mama Mya (affiliate link) bodice at the under arm seam to make the ungathered bodice. Plus, Mama Mya is one of my favorite fits and curved hemlines.

The RTW top had a key hole back, but I chose to make the back one solid piece. I used a facing instead of a binding or a neckband.

This fabric is from Love Adore. It is a single brushed poly that I fell in love with the first time I came across their fabrics. I know chevron is not really on trend anymore, but I couldn’t help myself.

You can see my testing versions of Mama Catherine here.  Also, if you have not tried the Made for Mermaids Mama Mya, then you are missing out. I love the fitted chest and the semi fitted waist and hips.  It is one of my go to top patterns.

It really is rare for me to hack a pattern as much as I did on this one, so I am extremely lucky that it turned out like I envisioned on the first try!

I hope to try it again soon in a solid fabric because I need some more solid colored tops in my wardrobe.

Until next time….sewing and sipping,


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