Mama Stella: Made for Mermaids Lounge and Lace Collection

Well, you have to be living under a rock in the Made for Mermaids Pattern Group on Facebook to have missed the first releases in their new Lounge & Lace Collection. The “Lace” patterns include the Mama Bridgette Bralette & Nightie (affiliate link) and the Mama Victoria Cheekies & Thong (affiliate link). Now is not a good time to be looking for galloon lace in the online fabric shops and Etsy, as it’s getting snatched up as soon as new lace is stocked.

But let’s take a break from the Lace and move onto the “Lounge.” Mama Stella is the first Lounge release. Mama Stella (affiliate link) is an option packed top/tunic that is perfect for lounging in or running out and about.

My first tester version is the v neck back in tunic length. I chose a wine colored distressed knit from Mily Mae Fabrics. I jumped on the distressed knit train a few months back and just now got around to cutting into it.

I love how the bottom and the sleeves are all banded, which makes the construction really quick.

I paired this Mama Stella with solid black double brushed poly leggings. You really can’t get much more comfortable than this.

Let’s take a closer look at the v neck back. This low back shows off my lace racerback Mama Bridgette bralette so well (lace from Hobby Lobby).

I chose to finish the v portion using the typical v neck finish, but the pattern also includes instructions for a crossover v neck finish.

The pattern includes instructions for adding a band or two ties to the top of the back to help secure it, but I chose not to include either on this version. Well…for now anyway.

The shoulders seem to want to slip some, but they never fell off of my shoulders.

Can we take one more look at this Mama Stella with my Mama Bridgette??

Well, one version of a new pattern is never enough for me. I had to try the off the shoulder version.

I wanted something extremely comfortable for lounging in and sleeping in. I went with a soft, lightweight ribbed knit from Hobby Lobby.

I know. I know. Ribbed knit has a tendency to grow. So it stretches out a bit as you where it.

The off the shoulder version is also great to pair with Mama Bridgette, but let’s be honest. I am more of a sports bra girl so here you go.

I am excited to try this version in a less stretchy knit for a more appropriate top to wear out of the house.

And what’s a good lounging top without a good pair of lounging pants….(hint, hint. Sneak peek!!!)

Be sure to check out the other options for the Mama Stella including a full back and a keyhole back. The pattern is on sale through Monday, February 12th here (affiliate link).

Until next time…sewing and sipping,


2 thoughts on “Mama Stella: Made for Mermaids Lounge and Lace Collection

  1. DatPixieGirl says:

    Every time I read a post on your blog, I find myself thinking “She is SO CUTE AND PRETTY!”

    And you do such a great job not only of making good-looking pieces, but choosing styles that really show off your personal style and figure. Go you! I’m jealous of your ability to effortlessly wear those backless/low-back styles; they’re definitely outside of my comfort zone. =)


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