Made for Mermaids Mama Quinn

I was embarrassed to look back and see when my last published blog post went live.  Almost a month ago?!?  Yep.  Life is surely happening right now in the Ross household, which means my sewing time has been at a bare minimum.  It’s times like these were I find myself sneaking in quick sews out of my favorite patterns.

This sew originated from a Sincerely Rylee woven fabric that I just had to have, but I only allowed myself to purchase one yard of it.  Stupid, I know.  But that one yard ended up being all I needed.  The Mama Quinn top from Made for Mermaids requires just that….one yard.

This style of top in the stores never works for me. In order for it to fit in the bust, it is tight in the hips. I am able to grade the Mama Quinn out on size bigger for my hips to get the perfect fit.

I love it paired with skinny jeans since you will rarely see me in shorts. I looked for a pair of white distressed skinny jeans but the selection of women’s clothing in my hometown isn’t the greatest.

So confession time. I have made several Mama Quinn’s, but I have never tried any of the other strap options. I am so partial to the double v back that I can’t stray away from it.

This version isn’t fully lined, but I saw a version recently in the Made for Mermaids Facebook group where someone fully lined with the same fabric with the lining layer a little longer than the outer layer. It was so nice and flowy. And….. it’s now on my To Make list. Plus I have a romper idea using this pattern. If only there were more time in the day. Sewing retreat anyone???

I am hoping to get back to blogging on the regular now that spring baseball is over. I can’t wait to share more soon!

Until next time…. sewing and sipping,


4 thoughts on “Made for Mermaids Mama Quinn

  1. DatPixieGirl says:

    All of your cami makes look fantastic, and I can definitely see why you needed to have some of that Sincerely Rylee fabric!

    I really do love the look of skinny strap woven camis like the Ogden and Mama Quinn, but I am put off by the fact that it is impossible to wear a regular bra without the straps showing. And since I’m old-school, I can’t get into the whole “show off the straps!” thing or going top-commando, either. I should probably just get one of the patterns and widen the straps to about 1″ so that I can have the best of all worlds, huh? 😉

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