Love Notions Terra Tunic: A Tunic for all Seasons

I’m back today with another pattern test. This time I am proud to show you Love Notions latest release: the Terra Tunic. This was my first time testing for Love Notions, and it was a great experience.

So a tunic for all seasons you say? First season for me is winter. We finally have cold weather back again here in Tennessee, so I couldn’t resist making not one but two hooded versions of the Terra Tunic (affiliate link). Tami at Love Notions has all the seasons covered with the multiple sleeve options and 6 different necklines-

scoop neck, v-neck, v-neck hood, boatneck, asymmetrical collar and funnel.

I had only made one new hoodie this season, so I was thrilled to tackle the v-neck hood. I have not seen a hood attached in a v-neck style and was immediately intrigued. It was surprisingly easy to construct, and it went together like a typical v-neck. I used to be terrified of v-necks, but they look so professional when they are finished,.and I love to make things that look professionally made.


I can’t say I am on the cutting edge of fashion at all. I, however, am thankful for more recent trends of figure skimming tops instead of figure hugging tops for my everyday look. This tunic has a looser fit in the bust and waist. Also, it has a longer hem in the back by a couple of inches.  I prefer some extra coverage back there, and I find the high low look more flattering on my body, especially compared to a wide shirt bottom that hits booty length.


For my first version I used a jersey hacci knit from Knitpop. This fabric feels amazing! I had been hoarding this fabric for a longer cardigan, but I am so glad I went for the tunic.  The fabric had a nice drape and hangs well on my silhouette.


Again, I was a little concerned about constructing the side vents.  The tutorial pictures and written steps laid out the process really well. I am saving up for a coverstitch to improve my hems. However, this looked nice using a simple straight stitch on my sewing machine.


The wider hem at the bottom makes this tunic stand out from all of my other tunics.  This tunic was made early on in the testing process, and the final version ended up being a little more fitted.  I did grade out for my hips toward the split hem.  I probably could have gotten away with a little less grading, but I graded per my measurements.

This hood, y’all.  I really love the look of the hood.  On a random side note, I was still recovering from eye surgery at the time these photos were taken.  Hence the eye aversion in all the shots.  Don’t worry.  This won’t be my new signature pose or anything.



Next up, I made another hooded v-neck but this time out of a lightweight sweater knit.  It ended up being a little see through; therefore, I wore a cami underneath.  This fabric came in an auction box or a mystery sweater knit pack from Knitpop.



You can see the fit is a little more slim.  Also, the sleeve piece is not cut on the fold, making the sleeve fit very nice.

The hood has gusset which adds a little detail.  The gusset made it a little challenging to line up my stripes, but it was doable.


I also decided to add elbow patches on this version to add a little interest and vary it from my original version.



Overall, this was a great fitting pattern that works well with my body type.  Don’t forget to join the Love Notions Pattern Support group on facebook to see more tester photos.  What’s next for me? After I sew up a hooded version for my mom, I am wanting to make a boatneck, short sleeve version for this spring.  And possibly a simple v-neck version.  What can I say?  I am always sewing for the current season while still preparing for the season ahead.  Bring on Spring!

Until next time…..sewing and sipping,


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