Sew What Do I Wear? Valentine’s Day Edition


Give yourself a high five! You made it to the last day of the Made for Mermaids and Patterns for Pirates Valentine’s Day tour!! Hopefully by now, you have seen several ideas for your perfect Valentine’s celebration. I have already found some creative ideas for future date nights and other special occasions.

But let’s face it. Most of us will have a less than romantic night on the 14th (boo for a Tuesday), but my husband and I are hoping to at least sneak away for a meal sometime in the week surrounding Valentine’s Day. I love to make dresses, but I actually hardly ever wear dresses.  I am hoping to wear more dresses this year in my pursuit of loving my body more and my pursuit to sew through my stash (while all the time adding to my stash!!!).

When I thought of my perfect outfit for this year’s Valentine’s Day, I knew I wanted to make something with a crossover.


I enjoyed sewing up the Mama Claire recently, but then I remembered I purchased Made for Mermaids Megan (affiliate link) back in the summer.  I even printed the pattern out and taped it, but I never got around to making the pattern.

*The bodice should be pulled down more in the front to make the blouse effect even, but my kids were running around like crazy and it was the last thing on my mind.


The Megan pattern is a crossover bodice that is designed to be blousy before attaching the skirt (or romper…check out the romper version on the tour at SewSophieLynn) with  elastic. I can eat a lot at dinner with the forgiving elastic waist!!  Who am I kidding? I would be eating my fair share anyway!


I had the idea to also add some lace trim that I picked up at Fine Fabrics in Atlanta to the bottom of the skirt.  I am always a little self conscious about my legs. Adding the lace allowed me to cut the skirt at the mini dress length, which I never do, but still have the coverage close to the knee length dress.  The lace took extra time to sew on as I sewed in a scalloped pattern to attach.  However, it was worth the effort to secure it and allow for the whole pattern to be seen. The trim has good stretch to it which allows me to move without being constricted by stiff lace.




The main fabric for the dress was an unbelievably soft sweater knit from Knitpop that I thought would make for a nice, cozy winter dress.  I will probably even be able to wear this to church with a cami underneath and some solid black leggings.  I know it is a Date Night dress, but most of the items I sew have functionality as well.


Speaking of church, we went by our church to take these photos.  One, I was tired of pictures in my backyard.  But, two, this is where my husband and I were married making the date night photos more special to me.  Look at the doors behind me.  It makes such a beautiful backdrop.



Total Senior Picture moment right here, but I couldn’t resist!

I hope you have enjoyed the tour this week as much as we have enjoyed sharing with y’all!  Remember to check into both pattern groups on facebook or the respective website blogs to stay current with upcoming patterns, tutorials, and hacks!


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Until next….sewing and sipping,


*I usually share links in my blog posts.  Some are affiliate links where I earn a very small percentage of any sales made from purchases (at no additional cost to you).  Other links are not associated with affiliate links.  I already owned this pattern prior to this blog tour.

11 thoughts on “Sew What Do I Wear? Valentine’s Day Edition

  1. Katy M. says:

    Woowoo! Gorgeous, Momma (the dress and you!) I love the lace so much. And this is super flattering….I do hope you start to wear dresses more this year! I wear them as much as I can in the summer because they’re way more comfortable in the hot weather.


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