Mama Camila Swimsuit: Made for Mermaids Pattern Test

I promise after today I am done with sewing swim for a while. Not because I don’t like sewing with swim knit, but because who really needs 6 new swimsuits plus the 3 Siren/Hello Sailor suits from last year????

It has been a whirlwind last couple of weeks with the Take the Plunge release from Patterns for Pirates and now the Mermaid Shores Collection release from Made for Mermaids. But the Mama Camila, y’all, she is a beauty.


If you are like me, you have a screenshot of a similar suit on your phone right now. This off the shoulder flounce style has been all over Pinterest and online boutiques this summer.

The Made for Mermaids team took the off the shoulder and upped their game making it also a functional suit with the flounce under your arms. So a stylish suit that also works for pool time with my boys? This one is a winner.

My first version is View A, the off the shoulder flounce with the optional halter straps. I have it styled with the flounce under the arms first. Also, I like that I can wear the straps while swimming at the pool, but I can easily tuck them in for less tan lines when I am lounging around.

And let’s talk about the booty coverage. It is so nice to have swimsuits that don’t get too cheeky when you are walking around!

Here is the suit styled without the straps because this girl needs to work on getting rid of all of my crossing strap marks!!!

Cute and comfortable works for me! The solid teal fabric is nylon spandex from Sew Vagabond. The print is actually a steal I found in Nippori Textile Town while we were living in Japan.  I ordered the solid teal to coordinate, and I love the combination.  The Sew Vagabond solid is a nice quality with good coverage.

Now I need to book an all-inclusive Jamaican vacation for the off the shoulder look.  This suit makes me feel fun and flirty.

These pictures also highlight the slight rouching through the waist region that helps to camouflage.

There is a little extra material in the seat of this version that was corrected for the final pattern.  Megan worked hard to get the right amount of coverage!

My second final version of View A has a small hack.  I love this Hawaii Grandeur floral swim knit from Sew Vagabond.  I received the solid gold swim knit in a mystery pack, and it coordinates perfectly.  I thought for a few seconds about using the solid gold for the flounce, but who am I kidding?  I can’t pull of mustard or gold.  So I decided to add a second flounce for a little pop of color.  Unfortunately, you can’t see the gold accents in the floral fabric in these photos. It’s a shame because it is simply gorgeous.

The drape and the shape of the flounce is a perfect length allowing for my curves to show.

This suit can also be styled under the arms.  I added the skinny halter straps to this version.  I didn’t get any good photos from the front unfortunately.  This is the final shape of the bottoms.

I am including photos of my first version because it is my only View B style top.  I have not attached halter straps, but I will be attaching them soon.  I really love both versions, and I will keep telling myself that I WILL NOT MAKE MORE SWIMSUITS.


This fabric is also from Tomato in Nippori.  I am definitely going through Japanese fabric shopping withdrawals.


The Mermaid Shores Collection is on sale through July 3rd.  The M4M team is offering two fantastic bundles that are perfect for all of you ladies with little girls!!

You have time to sew up a few versions before July 4th if you hurry!

Until next time…sewing and sipping,


4 thoughts on “Mama Camila Swimsuit: Made for Mermaids Pattern Test

  1. Susanna says:

    Wow, Stacey….worldclass swimsuits ! Love all 3….but the black and white one is so stylish….perfect beach party outfit….have one !


  2. Abbey says:

    All 3 of these are winners! But you see that black and white? That’s ELEGANCE! Love thesem, Stacey! It’s always great when you can get more than you expected out of testing.


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