Everyday Elegance: Patterns for Pirates Update

I was so excited to hear that Judy was updating the Everyday Elegance from Patterns for Pirates. It was this pattern that I stumbled across on Etsy about two and a half years ago. I had just given birth to my second child while we were living in Japan. I knew I would be returning to work in a couple of months, but I was still not comfortable in my post baby body. The Everyday Elegance had enough ease for me to be comfortable while practicing Physical Therapy. It literally took me two months from start to finish ( Mom of two problems) as my sewing skills were very beginner at that point. When I finally got around to finishing it, I was thrilled. I think it was the first project I ever shared in the Patterns for Pirates Facebook Group.

Well, two years and 20 pounds heavier, I remembered why I loved this pattern. The loose fit makes for a comfortable but still put together look.

Judy has updated the pattern to include a dress length, several sleeve length options and an alternate neck bias binding. 

I was happy to sew up a long sleeve dress version in the floral. I should be embarrassed to say this, but this is $2.00 a yard Walmart fabric!


The loose fit is so comfortable and easy to wear, even with being out and about with my boys. 


The new sleeve options includes an elastic cuff long sleeve that has a blousey look to it.


Some of the old favorites were kept such as the placket, the pleat in the back and the small gathers in the top of the sleeve.


Similar to the Favorite Tee dress hemline, the new Everyday Elegance has a high low hem that offers more coverage in the back.


I like the collared look of the original pattern, but I will definitely be trying the new bias neckline on my next version.


Also, Nicole will be sharing a pleated sleeve hack and Judy will be sharing a non-gathered sleeve hack on the Patterns for Pirates blog.


As much as I love the loose fit of the dress, I love it paired with a belt even more. The pattern has a belt option, but I just paired a Uniglo belt with mine.  Confession. I have had the belt pieces cut out for a couple of weeks and still keep forgetting to whip a belt up real quick. 


The belt gives the waist some definition and gives you another style of dress when used.


The dress is long enough even when belted to keep me modest and comfortable.


The updated pattern will include a layer option for printing and an updated tutorial.


Don’t forget to check out the Patterns for Pirates newsletter that will be sent out later this week with a recap of the pattern release, links to my fellow bloggers, and hacks for the updated pattern! 

****After publishing my blog, I got an order from Sew Vagabond. I knew the Rebekah wool peach woven floral would be perfect for this top. So I didn’t waste any time and worked up this tunic length, short sleeve, bias neckline version. And seriously, it’s love!  Enjoy!

Until next time…sewing and sipping,


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