Mama Nina: Made for Mermaids Pattern Test

For the love of all things sewing. I love Raglan sleeves. Don’t ask why. I just do. Maybe it has something to with the fact that softball was my whole life until half way through college. Maybe I still happen to think that Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez was a major hottie in The Sandlot. Or maybe I love that you can use scraps for the sleeves to revisit an old favorite fabric. 

All of that really does not matter, but what does matter is that Made for Mermaids combined the raglan sleeve with the ever popular high low swing dress. Mama Nina is the pattern I have been needing for my wardrobe. 

Although it is still in the heat of summer, I wanted to take this pattern test to work on my fall/winter wardrobe. I took fabric leftover from last year and some new pretties to make my Mama Nina’s. 

For the first version, I combined this red and black plaid cotton lycra with black double brushed poly to make the top version of Mama Nina. 

Cotton lycra is not one of the preferred fabrics listed for this pattern as it will not give you the best drape. However, it worked for the sleeve portion of the top. 

The fitted bust works well with all body types, and the flowy bottom is forgiving. 

A couple of weeks ago I saw in a few of the sewing groups about Hobby Lobby finally having a double brushed poly fabric in the fall apparel line. I had to go see for myself. I realized immediately that it needed to be a long sleeve dress version. It is perfect for this fall. 

I have professed my love for high low hems several times recently due to my comfort level with a little more backside coverage. The Mama Nina hem is no different. 

Again the fitted bust is great! The sleeves are still the raglan style in this version, and it works well with one fabric as well. 

Megan T from Made for Mermaids went above and beyond this release and has created a styling video for all the different options for this pattern. It is included as a link in the pattern tutorial! I tried out the flower knot she demonstrated in our testing group to create a trendy new look. 

I paired the knotted style with a pair of ponte slim fit pants. 

The combinations are endless making this a great pattern to expand your wardrobe and create unique looks with the same pieces. 

In true Mermaid fashion, the Mama Nina also has a Nina version for the little lives in your life. You can grab the patterns individually on sale or as a steal with the bundle through Sunday, August 13th. 

Don’t forget to share your versions and use the hashtag #mamaninapattern on social media!

Until next time…sewing and sipping,


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