Tillery Skirt: Blank Slate Patterns Pattern Test

Working mom of two boys. Housekeeper. Chef (lol I wish). Taxi driver. Like all women, I wear many hats during the day.  My free time is precious, and I love to spend free time sewing. However, I usually choose projects that are quick. Ones that I can complete in about an hour’s time. This is satisfying to me as a person who loves to check items off of the list and as someone whose list is always growing.

But, wow, I forget how REALLY satisfying it is to complete a sewing project that you invest a lot of time in.


The Tillery Skirt from Blank Slate Patterns was one of those projects for me. Y’all, the finishes of this skirt make me feel like a sewing rock star. The skirt is a snap skirt which is making an appearance in the everyday fashion world this fall.



The pattern offers three lengths: mini, knee and midi. I chose to make a knee length skirt simply out of personal preference. I had to grade in at the waist due to my shape using the great instructions provided in the pattern.



The Tillery Skirt has taught me a few new sewing skills. To be honest, I didn’t really know what flat felled seams were prior to this pattern, but I have to admit my flat felled seams turned out beautifully. It is so satisfying to see the inside of a garment that looks as great as the outside.



Similarly with the snaps, I have used small snaps before for children’s items, but it had been a long time. Again, the directions provided in the tutorial were excellent for using heavy duty snaps. Plus, there are several links to videos on techniques for all of us visual people out there.



The finishing touches to the Tillery Skirt make the skirt look so professional. The belt loops. The pockets. The use of bias tape to finish the inside waistband. These touches were the satisfying part of the skirt. I made something more complex that looks like it was store bought!!



For the skirt I used a floral twill from the fall apparel fabrics at Hobby Lobby. If it looks familiar, it is due to the fact that I bought the same floral design in a knit for my Mama Nina dress. I wanted to go with a solid color for the skirt, but I only had time for Hobby Lobby where the selection is pretty limited. But I think the floral turned out great. I would like to set aside some time to make a denim version soon.



I paired the Tillery Skirt with the Fairelith Top  (also from Blank Slate Patterns). I wanted a more fitted shirt to tuck into the skirt. The Fairelith has a swing option and a more fitted option. I love the raglan sleeves with the ballet style neckline. It is a very feminine raglan making it a great top for this skirt.



The Tillery Skirt is part of the fall collection along with the Valetta Top available now on the Blank Slate Patterns website. Both are on sale through Wednesday, October 4th.  Plus join all the fun in the Blank Slate Patterns Sewing Group on Facebook.

Until next time….sewing and sipping,


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