Mama Lexi Loungers: Made for Mermaids Pattern Test

How far behind in life can you be??? I am usually pretty good at juggling work, housework, mommy hood and sewing. But right now my juggling skills are sub par. So a few days late I bring you my Mama Lexi Loungers (affiliate link)from the Made for Mermaids Lounge & Lace Collection.

In the evenings at home I live in my college softball sweatpants. They have holes. They are stained. They are just about worn through, and I am pretty sure my husband thinks they are the most hideous things ever. So why haven’t I sewn up a new pair of comfortable pants to lounge around the house??? That’s a good question.

But here I am with my new favorite pants!! I made my tester version out of this Walmart sweater knit. I can’t remember if I paid $1 or $2 a yard for the fabric, but it jumped out of my stash when I went looking for the perfect fabric for these pants.

And I just happened to have some scrap cotton lycra from Purple Seamstress that coordinated perfectly.

The pattern has two options: loungers and joggers. I haven’t been able to make the joggers yet, but you can bet I will as soon as I get some free sewing time.

There are two waistband options, too. I went with the foldover yoga waistband, but there is also a regular band with a drawstring option as well. I think it is about time for me to get over my fear of installing grommets.

Let’s talk pockets. All you ladies with bigger hips and thighs can back me up on this, but sometimes slat pockets just don’t cut it. They stick out funny or the bulk from the pocket being on the inside stands out on the front of your thighs. So I was happy to make the patch pockets which eliminates both of these problems for me.

Another problem I have with making pants is the need for a full booty adjustment. However, I made this pair per my measurements without any other adjustments, and they turned out perfectly!

Of course, I paired these with my off the shoulder rib knit Mama Stella. This is going to be my new uniform for the house!

The Mama Lexi Loungers are on sale through Monday, February 19th at midnight CST.

Until next time…sewing and sipping,


One thought on “Mama Lexi Loungers: Made for Mermaids Pattern Test

  1. DatPixieGirl says:

    AMEN to your comment on pockets for us hippy chicks! I have never liked having pocket bags in any of my pants, so patch pockets are definitely the way to go. Even with jeans, I only actually use the back patch pockets – stuff in the front pocket bags just makes it look like I have hip tumors.

    I really like the look of your new lounge pants. You are succeeding in winning me over to the M4M side 😉

    Most of my winter lounge pants are made of cotton flannel using the Jalie 3243 Pull-on Pants pattern (
    It could benefit from a full-butt adjustment, but sizing up and cutting the waist elastic a bit shorter is a nice quick fix. One day soon I’ll actually get around to blogging all of my flannel Jalie 3243s. Maybe.


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