Wiggle and Sweetheart: A Patterns for Pirates Mash Up

My first fabric type that I fell in love with was liverpool. Strange, I know. I feel like you either love liverpool or you hate it. It had just become a big thing when I first moved back to the States and really had begun to get full swing into sewing. Long before the double brushed poly craze, and right at the start of the floral overload. I have learned to love many a fabric type now, but my heart has a little place reserved for floral liverpools still.

And Sly Fox Fabrics is keeping that little place in my heart full!

I first snatched up this Moonstruck liverpool a few months ago. I knew it has to be a dress, and it had to hit at my natural waist. I have had a Gap dress that was a high front with a scoop back and a circle skirt. I knew I needed to recreate it.

So, I grabbed my Wiggle pattern (affiliate link) and my Sweetheart pattern (affiliate link) from Patterns for Pirates and mashed away.

This created a little bit of a vintage vibe with the higher almost boatneck. The low scoop back also made me think old school.

And the full circle skirt equaled perfection. All achieved out of two yards!!!

This dress makes me incredibly happy.

So then came my newest love affair—- a large floral print liverpool from Sly Fox Fabrics appropriately named Love Affair.

My sewing twin, Lizzy, convinced me that it needed to be an off the shoulder version of my Wiggle/Sweetheart mash up.

She is a genius.

This off the shoulder Wiggle cut at the crop top length paired with the Sweetheart circle skirt.

I love how feminine these dresses make me feel. I keep telling myself to stop it with the florals, but how can you do that when shops like Sly Fox keep stocking these beautiful prints with such vibrant colors.

Something tells me this mash up is going to find its way into my wardrobe again.

Check out both Patterns for Pirates and Sly Fox Fabrics, two of my favorite small businesses in the online sewing world.

Until next time….sewing and sipping,


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