Women’s Sierra: Made for Mermaids Pattern Test

I seriously do not know how they do it. Every time I declare that a certain Made for Mermaids pattern is my favorite, they come out with my new favorite.


The Women’s Sierra is no different. I love this pattern. I love the cut outs. The flutter sleeves. The high low maxi skirt. Perfection.


I laugh every time I think about it, but I remember being hesitant to try out M4M patterns to begin with. Why? Well, I thought the patterns were too feminine, too trendy. I never knew how much their patterns would change how I thought about myself.


This dress makes me feel so good. I can be a mom, a physical therapist, a wannabe runner, and a woman who loves to wear a dress.

The bodice is lined which makes the cut outs simple to finish and gives it clean lines.

The v neck line in both the front and the back is very different from the other Made for Mermaids patterns.  Plus, the flutter sleeve version allows for you to wear a regular bra!!  Always a plus for me!

The maxi skirt is a full, flow skirt.  I only had enough fabric to make the high low maxi version since the maxi skirt uses a significant amount of yardage.  The high low maxi is a fun, summery option.


This fabric was an impulse buy after seeing a few Boho Babydoll dresses made out of this fabric.  It is a single brushed poly from BowButtonFabrics on Etsy.  SBP feels cooler to me than double brushed poly so I did not hesitate to make a summer dress out of it.


So who is coming to watch my kids so I can have a night out with my husband?


The Women’s Sierra and the Girl’s Sierra are on sale during the release for $8.00 each or check out the bundle price on the site!

Until next time….sewing and sipping,


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