Women’s Avery: Made for Mermaids Pattern Test

After my recent swimwear sews and the new Patterns for Pirates So Classic Sundress release, I needed something quick yet satisfying to sew. The Made for Mermaids Women’s Avery was just the project I was looking for.



This fun, twist back tank is a surprising fast sew.  Forget about back to school sewing.  I need a million of these since the heat continues well into September here.  Look at all of the options below!



I am a huge rayon spandex fan in the summer since it is light but drapey.  So I used this test to sew up some of my favorite rayon spandex prints in my stash.  Let me re-word that.  My ever growing stash thanks to fabric shops like Sincerely Rylee Fabrics (affiliate link).

My first version I made is the high neckline straight tunic with the closed back.  As much as a like lower necklines, the high neckline is on trend right now.

Since I used rayon spandex, the back sits a bit lower than it would sit if it were made out of a fabric like double brushed poly.  However, I took the lower back as an opportunity to layer my Mama Bridgette underneath the tunic.  The two pair perfectly together.

This vertical stripe fabric was purchased from Sincerely Rylee back during an anti-floral stage I was going through a couple of months ago.  I had the Boho Babydoll from Patterns for Pirates in mind, but I am so happy I never got around to making it.  This fabric looks so good with the twist back.


Thank goodness my husband is used to my crazy sewing antics because these photos were taken during our date night.  I loved this outfit for our casual night out at a local burger joint.  If anyone is ever in Middle Tennessee, Bistro 822 in downtown Columbia is a great date night spot with live music and massive burgers.  I needed the loose fitting tunic to hide my burger belly!!


I have a huge hole in my closet this summer.  I do not have enough casual tank dresses.  Enter the dress version of the Women’s Avery.


Back on my obsession with Sincerely Rylee and vertical stripes, I used another great but not obviously floral stripe for this version.

I have gotten some good wear out of this one already.  It is a comfortable length and perfect for running around town on the weekends.

As if two were not enough, I need an open back version soon for working out.  Aaannndd  a curved hem version because I love curved hems. But let’s take one more look at this amazing twist back.

I am a little late on my round up so there is not much time left to grab the Women’s Avery and Girl’s Avery on sale for the release price.  Hurry over to grab your copies!!

Until next time….sewing and sipping,




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