So Classic Sundress: Patterns for Pirates Pattern Test

Wovens. Buttons. Fitted woven dresses with lots of buttons. Sounds like I am stuck in a sewing nightmare. Am I right? Well actually, it turns out I am very wrong.

Patterns for Pirates has released the So Classic Sundress just in time to close out these hot summer days and nights in Tennessee.

The dress is a sweetheart bodice, woven dress with tons of options. The bodice can be either empire or natural waist with or without a button placket. Plus the button placket can be functional or simply for looks.

There are options for straight straps or halter straps, and finally you can choose the mini, knee or maxi length skirt.

I sewed up the knee length, natural waist functional button placket dress. Did you catch all of that?

As much as I always want to try empire length bodices, natural waist length is my go to. For my body type and the fullness of the gathered skirt, the natural waist was an excellent option.

The back of the bodice used multiple rows of elastic to allow for the dress to pull on. I have seen so many ready to wear dresses around town with this same elastic style back.

And now for the icing on the cake. I used 18 (!!!!) buttons combined for the bodice and the skirt. Let me tell you. I usually avoid buttons (and making button holes) like the plague. As a matter of fact, I roll my eyes when people find out that I sew, and their first response is “I can’t even sew on a button!” Because who actually likes sewing on buttons??? No one. But my mind might be slowly coming around. Me made pieces finished off with buttons look so good and is so worth the effort.

The fabric is a floral shirting from JoAnn, and I also purchased the coordinating coral buttons from JoAnn. Shirting is one of the thicker fabrics recommended for the pattern, but I love the structured feel it gives to the dress.

Although strapless is not an option for the dress, I tucked in my straps to see how the dress would function as a strapless dress. I constructed my dress with the intent of the elastic being very tight fitting. Due to this, the dress stays up well without the straps. If you construct with a looser length of elastic, it definitely would benefit from straps.

Like every pattern test, I already have another version waiting to be cut out. Halter maxi without the placket is calling my name!

Catch the So Classic Sundress at its release price!

Until next time….sewing and sipping,


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