Fall Sewing in Full Swing with Raspberry Creek Fabrics

One of the things I look forward to the most with the changing seasons is to see what great new fabric bases everyone is sewing with. When I first came onto the sewing scene, it was liverpool. Then, it was double brushed poly. Each season comes a new fabric craze and this season seems to be dominated by waffle knit and rib knits. Personally, I was thrilled to see that Raspberry Creek Fabrics was releasing club prints on their new base, a true sweatshirt knit.

This fabric is soft and cozy on the inside and full of detailed color on the outside. It has about 20-25% stretch each way, making it a great fabric for a structured top.

I apparently have a thing for RCF fabrics and the Hey June Halifax Hoodie. This is my third Halifax using RCF fabrics. I have tried just about all of the versions of the Halifax with View E being my favorite. This go round I did View B (same as View E without the funnel collar).

I did my best to stripe match but ended up being a little off, but I still love how it turned out. Side note—- this is paired with my stretch denim SOS pants that I made last winter (also RCF).

Back to the fabric. This came as a two yard panel with stripes/solid/stripes. What makes it unique is that you can get a color blocked looked without actually having to color block. I was able to cut this Halifax out of a single two yard panel.

I am sure this will be well worn by the time late Spring comes around. In the meantime, I will be nice and cozy in my new Raspberry Creek sweatshirt! Be sure to check out all of the color ways of the sweatshirt solid/stripe panels and the new sweatshirts prints over at Raspberry Creek.

Until next time…. sewing and sipping,


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