Twist Back Top: Patterns for Pirates Pattern Test

Well, summer has came and went. There were so many sewing projects but very little blog time. As the boys get older and more involved, I will have to become more creative in time management to allow for both sewing and blogging. All that to say that I am happy to be back on the blog with the newest release from Patterns for Pirates.

The Twist Back Top is here, and I am really loving the tank version of this top.

The tank has a low armscye which makes for a great workout top or a fun way to show off a bralette.

In addition to the tank, there are several sleeve lengths of this dolman style top that you can see with other tester’s versions in the listing or in the Patterns for Pirates Facebook group.

Come on Stace! I am totally forgetting the highlight of this pattern…the twist back!

The twist part is actually much easier than it seems. There are some optional steps to finish the openings at the twist that I skipped due to the intention of this being a workout top.

Judy from Patterns for Pirates has included a video with the pattern demonstrating the twist construction. Such a great bonus to the pattern!

I also plan to go back and add the top strap across the back to help hold the top on better when working out.

The Twist Back Top is on sale through Monday, September 30th for the release!

Until next time…. sewing and sipping,


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