Sew What Do I Wear- Professional Edition


Professional. Sometimes I think how the heck did I become grown up enough to become a professional?  I loved the movie “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead” back in the day. The working professional outfits that Sue Ellen (Christina Applegate) creates for the poolside fashion show were unbelievably cool. I was all about her hip uniforms. However, high heels and “dress clothes” have never really been for me.


My sister used to make fun of me all of the time for wearing khakis and tennis shoes to work. Well, when you work 10 hour shifts as an outpatient Physical Therapist, there aren’t too many options that allow you the comfort you need to bend, squat, and simply be on your feet for that long.  But my opinion on that is changing….

For the ‘Sew What Do I Wear- Professional Edition’ Blog Tour, I chose to make the Mama Lauren tunic from Made for Mermaids and the SOS Pants from Patterns for Pirates.


As much as I love wearing dri-fit work shirts, my work wardrobe has changed significantly since I learned how to sew. I no longer constantly have to tug down the back of shirts or make sure my cami stays tucked in underneath. The tunic length option of most top patterns is my staple. I love the extra coverage the tunic length gives me.


The fabric for my Mama Lauren is from my September Bee Box from Vinegar and Honey.  It worked perfectly for this pattern!


The curved hem option on the Mama Lauren allows for the extra coverage, but it does not accentuate my hips too much.


To be honest, I was terrified of the pintucks on the front of the Mama Lauren.  Fortunately, the tutorial had great instructions to help with the construction of the pintucks.  I would call it a success!



I chose not to do the key hole option at the neckline simply due to making sure I have good coverage since I bend over a lot.


The long sleeves with the elastic cuff gives me the blousey look I love without the lower sleeves getting in the way.


Speaking of coverage, I have made several pairs of SOS skinnies in the past.  But for this pair, I wanted to try the straight leg option.  Most of my comfortable work shoes look odd with skinny pants.  The straight leg had the perfect amount of width in the lower leg.  The main fabric for the pants is a textured knit from JoAnn.  I always forget to take a picture of the end of the bolt when I buy fabrics from there, which means I can’t remember exactly what type of fabric this is.



My biggest concern with RTW pants is how they reveal too much when you squat fully.  I consulted with Lizzy Price, the SOS Queen, in regards to what type of waistband she uses on her SOS pants.  She encourage me to try adding the Contour Waistband from the Peg Leg Add On Pack.  I already knew that the contour band works really well for me with pegs, so I gladly gave it a try on my work pants.


It does make them look a little like maternity pants, but I have no issues with these pants when I am squatting or bending.


I used a camel colored double brushed poly from Pretty Posh Prints for the front pockets due to me running out of my main fabric.  Then, I decided that I wanted to use it for my waistband too.  Since the DBP is very stretchy, I used a compressive athletic fabric as the inner lining of the contour band for more stability.


I love how the front pockets of the SOS are functional pockets.  This makes stashing pens or my phone, or whatever I might need, really easy.

Also, I almost skipped the back pockets because I am always afraid I am going to put them in an awkward place.  But, once again with Lizzy’s encouragement, I went for the back pockets.  I found a great position for both looks and function.




Overall, looking dressed up and feeling like you are dressed up are two different things.  This pairing looks well put together, but it is still extremely comfortable.  It allows me to move, bend and squat down.  It allows me to demonstrate exercises to patients without being restrictive.  There are so many more combinations I could have chosen to highlight today (such as my Mama Nina tunic obsession).  Both M4M and P4P patterns can be used with the right fabrics to be appropriate for a variety of work settings, including one as a Physical Therapist.


Looking for more inspiration?  Don’t forget to head on over to the M4M blog to link to all of the other work inspired outfits this week!


Until next time…sewing and sipping,



***Links to patterns are affiliate links.***

11 thoughts on “Sew What Do I Wear- Professional Edition

  1. sugaranddreamsshop says:

    Stacey, you nailed it on this outfit and may have just sold me on the Mama Lauren. I’ve eyed it for a long time! I love the Bohemian chic vibe of this outfit. Oh and I loved Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter Is Dead!!! That may be part of what got me so interested in sewing my own clothing.


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