Ivy Trousers: Laela Jeyne Pattern Test

Whoa!?!  Wait.  What?  Did I actually make woven trousers?

Why, yes I did! I would guess that being able to make trousers or chinos is high up on the list for most sewists. I mean, what woman has had a pair of nicer pants that actually fit well? I have found a couple of curvy fit dress pants that work well enough, but now I will be able to make pants to fit my unique shape.

Marisa from Laela Jeyne Patterns has released the Wanderlust Collection consisting of two pairs of trouser styles for women, men’s trousers and girls’ skinny jeans. I have made the Ivy Trousers (affiliate link) and will be showing them off today.

These Ivy Trousers are made from a Michael Miller twill that I purchased at Hobby Lobby and will be perfect for Spring.

The trousers are chino style pants with back welt pockets. This was my first time attempting welt pockets. They are not perfect, but now that I understand the process the next pair of welt pockets will be a breeze.

It is hard as a blogger to show pieces that aren’t perfect, but a lot of us are still perfecting our craft just like some readers.

Due to the nature of this style and my body shape, I graded in for my waist from my larger hips. The dart in the back makes tweaking the fit easier. I ended up taking an additional 1/8″ on both sides to allow the back waistband to sit better against my lower back.

This was also my first time inserting a zipper fly. Once again, the finished project is not perfect, but I am pretty pleased.

I still need to tweak the crotch area to shorten the rise on my next pair to eliminate more of the lines in that area. Sewing makes me pay more attention to my ready to wear clothes. All of my pants have these same lines. Thank you, body, for making fitting pants challenging.

So here is to my first wearable pair of trousers!

Now I am off to buy more bottomweight fabric for my next pair! I am definitely thinking a solid black or khaki for work pants.

Check out the whole Wanderlust Collection and sale at Laela Jeyne Patterns.

Until next time…sewing and sipping,


4 thoughts on “Ivy Trousers: Laela Jeyne Pattern Test

  1. Rhonda L Russell says:

    Gorgeous pants! Well fitting trousers were the reason I got back into sewing. I’m still tweaking my pattern and was just thinking about that this morning. I’ve noticed that the fabric has a lot to do with how they fit. I’ve used the same pattern for all of mine–close to a dozen–and some fit tight, some are perfect, and some are too loose. My plan is to start basting each pair and adjusting the fit from there. Hope to see more from you!

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