Mama Adeline: Made for Mermaids Pattern Test

Dresses. Why do I have to make so many of them? I seriously just can’t stop making all the dresses. I usually wear one dress a week. To church on Sundays. My work week consists of khakis and me made shirts, and my week nights consist of sweatpants. And date night?? We don’t have those very often. So why????

Because nothing makes you feel better than a custom fitted dress.

Made for Mermaids are back to release another set of patterns- the Adeline in Mama, girls, baby and dolly.

Mama Adeline (affiliate link) has so many options. I can’t describe them all so check out the line drawings of the different options.

I quickly decided on a maxi length dress. The tank bodice option was also an easy pick for me as we head into warmer weather here in Tennessee.

The front is the high neckline with the back being the low scoop option. The neckline and arms are both finished with binding for a more polished look. Well as long as you don’t look too closely at my topstitching! I am still trying to overcome the learning curve on my coverstitch that I got for Christmas.

I’m not going to lie. The maxi is a half circle skirt which I made from a 4 yard cut of this floral double brushed poly that I purchased from Knitpop. But y’all. This skirt is so flowy and beautiful.

I probably had enough yardage to cut the bodice out of the floral, but I wanted to use a coordinating fabric for the bodice. It is also a double brushed poly. All the seams are reinforced with clear elastic which helps hold the weight of the skirt up well.

I am usually terrible at accessorizing my outfits. This is a skill I never learned in college. That is what my roommate, LeeAnn, was for!! But I wanted to add a belt to this dress, and I love it this way, too.

And… here is an overwhelming number of belted pictures. The belt is a simple braided brown belt that I bought at Uniqlo when we lived in Japan. Oh what I would do for a trip to one of the massive Uniqlo stores!!

Of course, I have another version waiting on my cutting table. I have a solid rayon spandex maxi with the key hole back and short sleeves all planned out, but I am just trying to make it through a hectic work week first.

Make sure you head on over to the Made for Mermaids Pattern Group on Facebook to check out all the versions of all FOUR Adeline patterns. The patterns are on sale through March 31st midnight CST.

Until next time….sewing and sipping,


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