Mama Isabel- Mama Cassie: A Made for Mermaids Mash Up

Team Mermaid releases great patterns, but they are all about pattern hacks and pattern mash ups to maximize use of a pattern. It’s no secret that Mama Isabel is one of my favorite M4M patterns. The form skimming skirt is great, but I like my body the most in a circle skirt or a half circle skirt. So enter the Mama Isabel- Mama Cassie mash up. This idea first came up during testing, and Megan shared a beautiful version of the mash up on the Made for Mermaids blog around a year ago. Guess who finally jumped on board and made my first version of the mash up????

This was made using the true wrap bodice from Mama Isabel (affiliate link) with three back skirt pieces from Mama Cassie (affiliate link) making the fuller looking skirt (compared to the skirt design of Mama Isabel).

For those who follow along for my measurements, this is a size indigo bodice with the skirt graded out to green at my hips.

The fabric is double brushed poly from Knitpop. I received a two yard cut of this floral in an auction box. I loved it so much that I bought an additional two yards. And she has just been sitting on the shelf, waiting for the perfect project.

Because the Cassie skirt pieces are half circle skirts, the skirt portion is a real fabric hog. I used at least 3 yards for this dress (maybe more???).

Fit and flare from the natural waist is my go to so this mash up hits right in my comfort zone.

Someone please tell me why I waited so long to make this dress??

This dress will be good for this spring, but it will also be great for layering in the fall with a sweater, leggings and boots!

But let’s sit back and enjoy this spring weather that we are finally having here in Tennessee first. Plus, I need to brainstorm and come up with my Easter dress too!

Until next time…sewing and sipping,


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