Sunflower Dress: Petite Stitchery & Co Pattern Test

We all know one of my favorite dress patterns is a knit wrap dress pattern.  So when I saw that Kelly Stevens from Petite Stitchery & Co was getting ready to test a woven wrap dress, I was all in.

Now, I am still so hesitant to get started on a woven garment. It took a little pep talk from Kelly to cut into my fabric. I really like the forgiving nature of knit, but it is so satisfying to sew a woven dress that fits my curves too.

Enter the (affiliate link) Sunflower Dress.

The Sunflower Dress is a woven wrap dress with a curved hem. The dress comes in mini, knee or maxi lengths. Of course, there are multiple sleeve options (or sleeveless too). There is even a ruffled hem option!

I chose to sew a knee length version with flutter sleeves. I love how the bodice hits at the natural waist. I say it over and over again, but my long torso and pear shape make buying dresses in the store nearly impossible.

Can I tell you what else I like about this dress???? No binding! That means this was actually a pretty quick sew. Hemming was the most time consuming part, but that was only because this fabric didn’t hold a press for anything.

Speaking of fabric. I have no idea what type of fabric this is since I bought it in Nippori Fabric Town in Tokyo. So mystery woven it is.

At 100 yen a meter (basically $1.00 a yard), you can’t go wrong. So this is my $2.00 dress.

I am not the biggest fan of showing legs, but I really don’t mind where this knee length option hits. The backside coverage is good, too!

I’m only holding the skirt because I picked a crazy windy day for photos!! The bloopers from the shoot are not appropriate for the Internet.

I would recommend making sure your waist ties are really stitched in well, too. Let’s just say there was a big gust of wind which lead me to grab my skirt pieces quickly. Which may or may not have lead to my ties coming unstitched. Which may or may not have lead to my dress unwrapping itself. Thank goodness I take my photos in my fenced in backyard most of the time.

Sewing and blogging is always an adventure!

Grab your copy of the Sunflower Dress during the release sale at Petite Stitchery & Co.

Until next time….sewing and sipping,


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