Women’s Jordan: Made for Mermaids Pattern Test

Made for Mermaids
Women’s Jordan

I wish I could say that I get to spend time perusing Pinterest for all of the latest trends in fashion, but that is definitely not the case. So I rely on the PDF sewing world to keep me up to date each season on what I should be adding to my closet. Enter the newest release from Made for Mermaids, the Women’s Jordan.

The Women’s Jordan is a fun, new basic tee pattern packed with options including 3 different hem lengths, 5 different sleeve lengths and a 3 piece hood with an optional drawstring. I almost forgot! There is a kangaroo pocket option as well.

Today I will share the first two of many Women’s Jordans that will end up in my closet. My first option was a short sleeve, hooded, split hem version. I also included the drawstring. Turning the drawstring took a little time since I couldn’t find my turning tool, but I love the extra touch the drawstring adds to the piece.

The split hem is slightly high low and hits at a really nice length. The construction of the split hem was a quick and dirty method, but it turned out nicely.

The hood is a three piece hood allowing for use of coordinating fabric, but I chose to use all the same fabric, which is a double brushed poly from Hobby Lobby. This hood is lined because I actually had enough fabric for once, but you can leave the hood unlined as well.

The fitted bust with the semi fitted waist and hips is a great silhouette base to build a variety of different looks off of.

After seeing all of the sleeveless dress versions during testing, I knew I needed one for this spring. I had some leftover brushed hacci floral from Raspberry Creek Fabrics that I used for my Jamie Poncho that I wanted to use for my Jordan Dress.

This dress will be worn over and over during our upcoming warmer weather. I don’t usually do fitted dresses, but the amount of hip ease in the Jordan is perfect!

The hood and drawstring give this dress the perfect accents. I have always been afraid of grommets, but they were super easy to install and work perfectly for the drawstring.

I keep telling myself that I need to work on more capsule type pieces in order to layer and style items differently. I found my high low Darcey Sweater and tried out this layered look, too!

The sleeveless dress pattern will most likely be my go-to this summer, and I can’t wait to make more! The Women’s Jordan plus the Men’s and Youth versions are currently on sale and available in bundles during the release sale. The sale runs through midnight CST on Monday, April 22nd. Check them all out!

Until next time….sewing and sipping,


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